The British pound fell to a record low against the dollar in early Asian trade on Monday as selling continued after the U.K. government on Friday unveiled the country's biggest tax cuts since the early 1970s.
DART aims to knock the asteroid Dimorphos off course in first-ever test of new planetary defense system.
'The White Lotus,' 'Avenue 5' and 'Pennywise' return for new seasons, while 'Inside Amy Schumer, 'Reno 911' and 'Key & Peele' are going away.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai reportedly grew agitated during a “heated” all-hands meeting in which an employee asked why the search engine was “nickel-and-diming” workers by taking away perks and benefits.
The focus on the adult children's taxes sounds noble, but the bigger question is what works best for the givers.
As I’ve learned from coaching thousands of people on how to shed credit-card debt and stay debt-free, the answer is more than cutting up the credit card.  
New York has lost more residents than any other state, a new report by moveBuddha, according to a company that calculates moving cost.
Abramovich said to have played a role as a backchannel to Russia, leveraging personal relationships with both Vladimir Putin and the Saudi crown prince.
When Nike Inc. reports fiscal first-quarter results on Thursday, Wall Street will be trying to gauge the impact of the strong dollar, and demand trends in China.
Micron Technology Inc. investors are hoping the memory-chip maker's forecast will provide more color into the unprecedented supply-and-demand dynamics created by two years of COVID-19-related disruption.