10 Cities Near Long Beach to Buy or Rent in this Year


The city of Long Beach is spread over 50 square miles and is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant downtown area, and diverse attractions. Long Beach is also home to a large port, which is one of the busiest in the world.

While Long Beach is home to so much, even the most loved cities have their drawbacks. And for you, Long Beach’s best qualities may not outweigh the cost of living, large population, or traffic. Fortunately, you have options if you want to live near Long Beach without being in the city center. We’ve gathered a list of 10 cities near Long Beach, all within 50 miles of the city, that you may want to consider buying or renting in this year. Let’s take a look.

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#1: Carson, CA

Miles from Long Beach: 10
Population: 91,500
Median home sale price: $799,000 
Average 1-bed rent: $2,735 
Walk Score: 55
Transit Score: 51

Carson, CA, is a manufacturing hub that hosted the first air show in the U.S. in 1910. Located in Los Angeles County, Carson is home to around 91, 500 people. The city has 120 acres of recreational use, including 12 parks, three swimming pools, and a sports complex.

If you’re living in Carson, you may be curious about what to do on weekends. The city offers a range of activities, from nature parks to stellar restaurants and arts and culture scenes. Home to 4 museums, Carson is also a great destination for art and history lovers. The International Printing Museum and University Art Gallery are both must-sees. Performing arts venues like The SOL Venue and DH Sports Lounge are top spots amongst locals. There are plenty of green spaces to be found throughout Carson. For example, you can enjoy a picnic or jog through many parks, like Carson Park, Stevenson Park, or Calas Park. There are a variety of delicious eateries and restaurants that appeal to every palette in Carson. Don’t miss out on popular spots like El Pescador Family Restaurant, Spire’s Restaurants, and Sriracha Thai Restaurant.

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aerial view of los angeles hills at sunset with blue, pink, and orange sky

#2: Paramount, CA

Miles from Long Beach: 11
Population: 54,000
Median home sale price: $565,000 
Average 1-bed rent: $1,745 
Walk Score: 64
Transit Score: 56

Although it’s considered a suburb of Los Angeles, Paramount has a small-town feel with all the amenities of a large city center. Paramount is known for its fabulous year-round weather and central location that allows easy access to the coast. The city is known for its many parks and recreation facilities and proximity to Hollywood. Paramount Studios, one of the major film studios in the world, is located within the city limits.

There is a lot to do while living in Paramount. There are several parks in the area, including Lake Perris State Recreation Area, which offers swimming, fishing, hiking, and camping. Other attractions include the Museum of Tolerance, the California State Railroad Museum, and the Los Angeles Zoo.

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#3: Compton, CA

Miles from Long Beach: 12
Population: 96,000
Median home sale price: $565,250 
Average 2-bed rent: $2,095 
Walk Score: 65
Transit Score: 60

Compton, CA, is a small city that is famous for being the home of professional tennis athletes Serena and Venus Williams. A fun fact about Compton is that it was given the nickname “Hub City” because it’s located at the geographical center of Los Angeles. Compton, CA, is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It was actually the eighth city in the county to incorporate, and it quickly became a popular place for settlers, especially due to its proximity to LA.

If you’re moving to Compton, CA, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of places to visit in the city. Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum, Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum, and Museum of Creative Arts, Compton are all great museums that are worth exploring. If you’re a fan of parks and green spaces, you’ll be happy to know that Compton has plenty of those, too, such as Campanella Park, Kelly Park, and Gonzales Park. And when it comes to restaurants, Compton definitely has some great ones, such as Piggie’s Charbroiled Restaurant, Restaurant Onofre, and Los Sombreros Restaurant. 

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california ranch style home with a red door and pruned landscape

#4: Bellflower, CA

Miles from Long Beach: 13
Population: 76,500
Median home sale price: $679,500 
Average 1-bed rent: $2,005 
Walk Score: 66
Transit Score: 60

Bellflower, California, is colloquially known as “The Friendly City.” While the origin of the city’s name is unknown certain, it is believed to be derived from the French term “belle fleur,” meaning “beautiful flower.” The city was first settled by a few families in the late 18th century and has since grown into a densely populated area.

If you’re moving to Bellflower, you won’t be disappointed by the array of places to visit. Some popular attractions include the Bellflower Bike Path, the Bellflower Boulevard, Cerritos Regional Park, and the Los Angeles County Arboretum. You can also find plenty of parks, like Ruth R. Caruthers Park and Simms Park, and top-rated restaurants like NORMS Restaurant and New Wave Restaurant & Bar.

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aerial view of redondo beach street on sunny day with palm trees along street

#5: Torrance, CA

Miles from Long Beach: 15
Population: 144,500
Median home sale price: $1,025,000 
Average 1-bed rent: $2,250 
Walk Score: 67
Bike Score: 37
Transit Score: 54

An hour south of downtown LA and just 15 miles from Long Beach, Torrance is a relaxed coastal community with a classic small-town feel and urban sophistication. Torrance Beach is a local favorite for its quieter and less crowded environment.

There are many things to do while living in Torrance, including visiting Torrance Beach, the Del Amo Fashion Center, and the Toyota USA Automobile Museum. Torrance is a beautiful city with many nature preserves and parks. You can explore green spaces like Charles H. Wilson Park, Columbia Park, and Paradise Park. King’s Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant, La Esperanza Restaurant, and Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar are some of the many popular restaurants in the area.

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#6: Downey, CA

Miles from Long Beach: 15
Population: 111,500
Median home sale price: $815,000 
Average 1-bed rent: $1,695 
Walk Score: 61
Transit Score: 53

Downey is a vibrant city located in southeast California and part of the Gateway Cities of Los Angeles County. Although it is much quieter and more peaceful than other large cities in the nearby Los Angeles metro area, Downey is still a city with many great features. From its exciting history to its culture and diversity, many things make Downey a great city. You might be surprised to know that Downey is the Apollo space program’s birthplace and the home of the oldest operating McDonald’s restaurant.

There are many things to do while living in Downey, including visiting local parks, checking out restaurants, and enjoying local art. Downey Civic Theatre and Downey Stages are just a few of the performing arts venues that contribute to the city’s unique arts and culture scene. There are also many parks and green spaces within the city, including Wilderness Park, Furman Park, and Apollo Park. Restaurants and highly-rated eateries abound in the city, so you won’t be disappointed with the food options. For a quick taste of the town, stop by Pieloon Restaurant or Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar.

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modern style ranch house with a dark exterior on one side and light wood on the other

#7: Cypress, CA

Miles from Long Beach: 17
Population: 50,000
Median home sale price: $825,000 
Average 1-bed rent: $1,905 
Walk Score: 53
Bike Score: 30
Transit Score: 61

Cypress, California, is a highly sought-after location in the glamorous Orange County. Just a short distance from the beach and surrounded by some of the best amusement parks in the region, it’s a great place to call home. 

If you’re living in Cypress, CA, and are looking for something to do, this city has plenty to offer, from nature parks to stellar restaurants and a thriving arts and culture scene. There are many unique landmarks in Cypress, including Cypress College Pond. The arts and culture scene is thriving, with many performing arts centers like Cypress College Theater and Cypress Civic Theatre Guild. Parks are plentiful in Cypress, where you can find green spaces like Veterans Park, Arnold Cypress Park, and Manzanita Park. For a taste of Cypress’s cuisine, there are a couple of local eateries you don’t want to skip. The Loft Hawaiian Restaurant, Echizen Japanese Restaurant, and Francos Italian Restaurant & Bakery are just three of the numerous restaurants worth stopping by for a meal.

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aerial view of california suburb

#8: Cerritos, CA

Miles from Long Beach: 17
Population: 50,000
Median home sale price: $925,000 
Average 1-bed rent: $3,285 
Walk Score: 54
Transit Score: 57

Cerritos is a scenic suburb located in the heart of the Los Angeles Basin. It has long enjoyed sustained growth due to its central location and innovative atmosphere. Cerritos boasts the country’s first solar-heated City Hall. Families are particularly drawn to Cerritos for its excellent school district, numerous parks, and its landmark library.

There are several things to do for residents living in Cerritos. The city is home to many attractions, including the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, the Cerritos Sculpture Garden, and the Cerritos Heritage Park. There are also several shopping and dining options available in the city. If you; ‘re looking for a bite to eat, check out Sushi-Ai, The Hanging Garden, La Strada, and Primo Italia.

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view of palm trees against blue sky

#9: Norwalk, CA

Miles from Long Beach: 17
Population: 105,000
Median home sale price: $700,000 
Average 1-bed rent: $1,795 
Walk Score: 61
Bike Score: 42
Transit Score: 52

Norwalk is a lovely residential city with plenty of rentals available in its charming neighborhoods. Commuting from Norwalk is simple, with direct access to I-5, I-105, I-605, and the 91 Freeway, as well as the Metro Green Line and the Metrolink system.

Norwalk, CA, is a great place to live for various reasons. Two of the most popular museums in Norwalk are the Sproul Museum and Hargitt House, which are frequented by both tourists and locals. If you’re looking to spend a relaxing afternoon at one of Norwalk’s parks, some of the most popular ones include Holifield Park, Glazier Park, and Hermosillo Park. Lastly, be sure to try some of the local cuisines at one of Norwalk’s many great restaurants, such as Los Compadres Mexican Restaurant, Ho Ho China Restaurant, and Marquez Restaurant.

Homes for sale in Norwalk, CA
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Bakersfield California Home

#10: Santa Ana, CA

Miles from Long Beach: 25
Population: 333,000
Median home sale price: $694,500 
Average 1-bed rent: $2,487 
Walk Score: 67
Bike Score: 43
Transit Score: 62

Home to 330,000 residents, Santa Ana, CA, is one of the most populous and largest cities in Orange County. Just a few miles away from the beach, the city is known for its warm Mediterranean climate and its strong arts and culture scene. Santa Ana is also a major transportation hub, with several freeways and airports serving the area.

There are many things to do in Santa Ana. A few popular attractions include visiting the Santa Ana Zoo, Discovery Cube Orange County, and the Bowers Museum. If you’re looking to spend a day outdoors, there are plenty of options in Santa Ana. Morrison Park, Santiago Park Nature Reserve, and Edna Park are all great choices. And when you get hungry, you’ll find plenty of excellent restaurants to choose from, no matter what kind of food you’re in the mood for. Kaisen Sushi Restaurant, Bella Cuba Restaurant, and NORMS are all worth checking out.

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Methodology: All cities must have a population of more than 50,000 and be less than 50 miles away from Long Beach. Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during August 2022. Average rental data from Rent.com during August 2022. Walk Score, Bike Score, and Transit Score from Walkscore.com during August 2022. Population data sourced from the United States Census Bureau.

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