6 Most Affordable Savannah Suburbs to Live In


Savannah, a coastal Georgian city, has risen in popularity for those looking to live in the south. There are countless things to do in the city, including exploring the historic district, taking a riverboat cruise, visiting the Savannah College of Art and Design, and exploring the city’s many parks. No wonder 145,500 people are living in Savannah. As you begin your homebuying journey, there are three key points to keep in mind – the housing market is somewhat competitive, the median home sale price for a home in Savannah is $301,990, and the average rent price for a two-bedroom apartment in Savannah is $1,640.

Don’t worry if those numbers don’t fit in your budget – we’ve got options to help you find a home or apartment that does. We’ve collected the six best affordable Savannah suburbs to consider living in. And the best part is that they’re all less than 45 minutes away from the city center. You’ll be close enough to explore all of Savannah’s best activities without paying the price of city life.

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#1: Garden City

Median home price: $147,000
Average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment: $1,635 
Driving distance from Savannah: 10 minutes
Garden City, GA homes for sale
Garden City, GA apartments for rent

Garden City, with a median home sale price of $147,000, lands the number one spot on our list as the most affordable Savannah suburb. Just about a 10-minute drive away from Savannah, you won’t miss out on what the city has to offer. Living in Garden City, you can explore the Garden City Museum, the Garden City Library, and the Garden City Historic District.

#2: Springfield

Median home price: $222,000
Driving distance from Savannah: 40 minutes
Springfield, GA homes for sale
Springfield, GA apartments for rent

Springfield comes in as the second best affordable suburb in Savannah. Only 40 minutes from the city center, you can explore Savannah in no time. When living in this suburb of 4,000 people, you can spend the day checking out visiting the local parks, golfing, fishing, and shopping.

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#3: Georgetown

Median home price: $276,500
Driving distance from Savannah: 20 minutes
Georgetown, GA homes for sale
Georgetown, GA apartments for rent

Just 20 minutes away, you’ll find the suburb of Georgetown. Even with a population of about 2,300, there are plenty of fun things to do in Georgetown. If you find yourself moving here, make sure to visit the historic downtown area, take a walk or bike ride through one of the many parks, or go kayaking or fishing on the river.

#4: Bloomingdale

Median home price: $288,495
Driving distance from Savannah: 25 minutes
Bloomingdale, GA homes for sale
Bloomingdale, GA apartments for rent

Only slightly more expensive than Georgetown is none other than Bloomingdale. This town is known for its historic downtown area, which is home to many shops, restaurants, and businesses. You can go hiking or biking on the many trails in the area or play golf at the many championship golf courses.

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#5: Port Wentworth

Median home price: $290,490
Average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment: $1,727 
Driving distance from Savannah: 15 minutes
Port Wentworth, GA homes for sale
Port Wentworth, GA apartments for rent

15 minutes away from downtown Savannah is Port Wentworth, another great suburb to consider moving to. With 9,000 residents, moving to this affordable suburb can keep you close enough to Savannah without paying the premium for a home there. Living in Port Wentworth, you’ll find a historic district with historic homes, a museum, and a battlefield park. There is also a riverfront with a boardwalk and a golf course.

#6: Midway

Median home price: $302,450
Driving distance from Savannah: 35 minutes
Midway, GA homes for sale
Midway, GA apartments for rent

Another noteworthy Savannah suburb is Midway, where the median home sale price is   Home to roughly 2,000 people Midway is a great suburb to consider living in. Some of the things to check out in the city include visiting the Midway Museum, going on a nature hike, and picnicking in one of the many parks.


Methodology: Affordability is based on whether a suburb is less than the median sale price of Savannah and under a 45-minute drive from downtown Savannah. Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during July 2022. Average rental data from Rent.com during July 2022. Population data sourced from United States Census Bureau.


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